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In order to use effectively, we expect users to respect website rules and other user's rights. We believe that there should be no threatening or irrelevant contentin the website. In order to achieve it, we put the following rules in place (these items do not befit our Lahzehblahze family):

  • Posting any pornography content, including links, images or videos is prohibited.
  • Posting any repetitive content and spamming is prohibited.
  • Any vilification, or threatening other people including users is prohibited (you are allowed to criticize politely in any form).
  • Posting any false news for any purposes, including increasing views or clicks, is prohibited.
  • Any hate speech or racism against any races, nationalities, religions or minoritiesis prohibited (you are allowed to criticize politely or enlighten in any form).
  • Posting any personal information of a third person, including files, images, or data is prohibited.
  • Using any techniques or tools to falsify statistics about clicks, comments or votes is prohibited.
  • False reports against other user's linksare prohibited.
  • Posting a link to a malicious website with viruses or full of ads that might impact or slow down user's computers or web browser, is prohibited.
  • Posting a link to an advertisement or first page of a website is prohibited.