LahzebLahze is a global multi-purpose and multilingual network with users from almost all countries around the world.

The mission of LahzebLahze network is to establish an infrastructure for audience-based broadcast and supervision of news in all categories and to prevent the creation of monopolies in news circulation.

Widespread education accessible to all members of the society requires modern instruments and infrastructure. Today, we are lucky, thanks to the vast expansion of the Internet and its ease of use. However, this is not enough on its own. Effective use of modern communication capabilities calls for the creation of appropriate and ad-hoc tools for each specific matter.

The free and uncensored circulation of information and news will result in public awareness, and the rise of public awareness, on its turn, raises the expectations and literacy of the public, eventually leading to a different lifestyle and prosperity of the society. That explains why dictatorial and undemocratic regimes fear so much the unrestricted circulation of news.

Traditional censorship of news by governments has proven to be ineffective in the face of the super-fast spread of the Internet and social networks and applications. So, undemocratic regimes are resorting to more intelligent techniques. One of the most important and common techniques is the creation of news monopoly or the so-called news Mafia: instead of blocking the dissemination of news that is not possible anymore thanks to the existence of the Internet, hyper-medias are formed on the very same infrastructure to publish news in a selective manner. The audience is thus bombarded with news coming apparently from various sources. Reading the news from multiple sources, the audience is satisfied with the effort to find the the truth ignoring the fact that all these sources are manipulated by the same hand and that their multiplicity serves only as a way to generate colorful and different news just to overwhelm the audience.

Creation of news social networks with notable volume of audience requires big financial investment. Moreover, its software and hardware management and maintenance demands a permanent team of experts and high recurring cost. Due to the high cost and complexity of such networks, Iranians have not shown interest in them. Furthermore, the noncommercial nature of this work and lack of profit has made it less appealing. Iranian intellectuals are, naturally, not in a position to afford such budgets, so, the Iranian society lacks the infrastructure for the free circulation of information.

In recent years, a limited number of such news social networks (in Farsi) have been created. Almost none of these networks are financially and politically independent; they are followers of the interests and policies of specific political parties and groups. The setup cost of these networks is provided by western governmental or semi-government institutes. Naturally, any type of non-private financial or advertising funds will bring about restrictions and obligations for the policies and working style of the network leading to an unsatisfactory experience for the audience and many objections on their side. Other networks not benefiting from such funds were doomed to failure after a short while not being able to handle the high cost of technical issues. The result is a monopoly of media in the hands of a small group of people controlling the audience who has no choice but to accept the only available options

Our aim in LahzebLahze is to provide an instrument through which the audience subscribed to any belief and inclination could publish their news and information without being censored. The only restrictions are applied to hateful speech, threat, strong vulgar language, dissemination of viruses, malwares, and porn stuff.

Hot link algorithms are 100% based on user votes. There is no interference from site admins regarding the arrangement of links on the website. In a nutshell, all thoughts and opinions are totally free to publish their news.

The hotness of the links is calculated with an algorithm based on a combination of time, number of positive and negative votes, clicks, and the user’s credibility. These hot links are placed in the homepage and their political view has nothing to do with their hotness which is only based on the user votes.

Undoubtedly, even when all measures are taken, our work will not be perfect. With high number of users, sensitivity of groups, governments, and natural/legal persons to news social networks as LahzebLahze, there is the possibility of hacking attacks and other malicious acts to disturb the atmosphere of the site. Our technical team has the expertise and experience to confront all such situations. Moreover, all links and posted information by the users, account information and password are automatically encrypted making them impossible to be stolen. Registration to the website does not require real name and information of the user and anyone can be registered with aliases.

Management and maintaining the sanity of the website is your responsibility. Under each link there is a “Report” button. In case you encounter a link that in your opinion violates the norms of the website you could send it to us using the “Report” button and we will check.

This network has had no governmental funds and will not have one in the future. Financial sources of LahzebLahze network are completely transparent, private, and independent. You could find the name of the investors (founders) of LahzebLahze in the same page

LahzebLahze network is composed of different sections that operate separately. LahzebLahze website has no political view of its own and serves only as an instrument to reflect your opinions. As all the content on this website is generated by you, naturally there is no place for our views and opinions.

LahzebLahze's Facebook page publishes various news and social reports and articles. The Facebook page published material is written by analysts and reporters without borders of diverse opinions collaborating with this network.

LahzebLahze’s Facebook page is one the most visited news pages in Farsi in the world that, besides Iranians, has audience among Afghans and Tajiks. This page has been continuously active since 2015. Thanks to warm reception of Iranians and publication of various posts and advertisements on Facebook, LahzebLahze’s page has reached a huge number of Farsi-speaking users.

More than a million visitors from 30 countries and 600 cities around the world follow this page on a daily basis. The material published on the page reach more than 3 million visitors indirectly.

LahzebLahze is officially registered in Sweden. In case, you can easily contact LahzebLahze team referring to their contacts on this page.

LahzebLahze TV section produces TV programs as a web-based TV. You will be able to access to the TV programs archive in a separate website. TV programs produced in this network cover a wide range of topics: news, art, society, science, health and comedy.

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